For some unknown reason, the most memorable days often have little preparation, they simply unfold. As was a recent adventure with a good friend when we made the sweeping decision one Sunday morning to leave Melbourne and just head north! We both needed to escape the city (even if just for a day) and subsequently the little township of Kyneton in country Victoria didn’t disappoint.

On approach, Kyneton appears rather unassuming, however on turning into Piper Street things change. Fabulous finds such as Kabinett groan under the weight of imported treasures. Prunella is another draw-dropper, simply breath taking with it’s inky blue interior and filled to the brim with seasonal floral creations. There’s also plenty of cafes and cosy restaurants to keep you entertained, just another reason to spend the whole day!

Such a wonderful little town, I highly recommend your own adventure to Kyneton – you won’t be disappointed, I promise!

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